Q. I want to buy a tapestry for adult expressions(R18)./我想買一張成人表情掛毯(R18)。

A. This shopping site does not sell adult-oriented tapestries. Payment for adult products is prohibited by PayPal’s terms. And there are many countries that restrict the import of adult products. Please purchase items sold in Japan through an import agency.

Wall scrolls selling site→https://rockefeller.booth.pm/
import agent→https://www.tenso.com/en

本銷售網站不銷售面向成人的掛毯。PayPal 的條款禁止為成人用品付款。而且有很多國家限製成人用品的進口。請通過進口代理店購買在日本銷售的商品。

Q. I cannot make my account./我无法建立我的帐户。

Please purchase without a membership.
This shopping site does not require a membership registration system.
Please send us a message if there are any problems with your purchase.
Please Let me know what you want to buy and the country you want to ship it to.
I will make a PayPal invoice and send it to you.
After payment, please give me your detailed shipping address (zip code also required), phone number and your name.
There is no limit to the number of items purchased at one time when purchasing in this way.
However, shipping will still be charged for each shipping. This doesn’t change whether you buy through the site’s system or use a PayPal invoice.
Because books are shipped from Japan, and wall scrolls are shipped from China. For this reason, two shipping charges are required.

我将开具 PayPal 发票并发送给您。
但每次运输仍需收取运费。 无论您是通过网站系统购买还是使用 PayPal 发票,这都不会改变。
因为书籍是从日本运来的,而挂轴是从中国运来的。 因此,需要支付两次运费。

Q. When is the shipping date for orders with in stock and preorders?/有庫存和預訂的訂單的發貨日期是什麼時候?

A. If pre-ordered and in-stock items are mixed, they will be shipped together with the latest pre-ordered item. Because the shipping fee paid to us is for one time. And this is the case of books shipped from Japan.
The wall scrolls will be shipped from the factory in China, so they will be shipped in the order they are manufactured. The shipping fee is separate from the book.

如果預訂商品和庫存商品混合,它們將與最新的預訂商品一起發貨。 因為付給我們的運費是一次性的。 這是從日本運來的書籍的情況。
壁畫將從中國工廠發貨,因此將按照製造順序發貨。 運費與書本分開。

Q. Shipping charges are expensive!!/運費很貴!!

A. Shipping includes postage, plus packaging and PayPal fees. So it’s a little more expensive than pure postage.In addition, services cheaper than EMS (International e-Packet Light) are currently suspended and have no plans to reopen.
EMS is not used for shipping from the factory in China. There is a high possibility of trouble with the Chinese Post service.

運費包括郵費、包裝費和 PayPal 費用。 所以比純郵費要貴一點。另外,比EMS(International e-Packet Light)便宜的服務目前已經暫停,沒有計劃重新開放。
從中國工廠發貨不使用 EMS。 中國郵政服務很有可能出現問題。

Q. Do you have product photos?

A. We will take pictures of the product little by little and post them.
Here is a large picture of the tapestry ↓

Q.What kind of packaging do you use?/你用什麼樣的包裝?

The book will be placed in a plastic bag and shipped in a construction paper envelope.

The wall scroll shipped from our factory in China will be wrapped in air cushions and put in a black plastic bag.

Q. Is it the same as the one sold in Japan?/跟日本賣的一樣嗎?

A. It is different from the one sold in Japan. We sell Japanese suede fabric in Japan. If you would like to purchase a Japanese suede tapestry, please purchase from a Japanese sales site through a transfer agent.
Sometimes the same Chinese satin fabric as this sales site is also sold in Japan.

跟在日本賣的不一樣。 我們在日本銷售日本絨面革面料。 如果您想購買日本絨面革掛毯,請通過轉讓代理從日本銷售網站購買。