Payments & Shipping/付款和運輸

All these sentences use automatic translation.
The translation of small parts of the sentence may not be accurate, but I can’t fix it.

Here is the store of Kuwaiya’s tapestries.
There are only for all ages illustrations.
If you want to buy the tapestries of for adult illustrations, please buy from Melonbooks or BOOTH by using TENSO com.

Click on the name of the genre or illustrator you are interested in from the sidebar.


這裡是 Kuwaiya 的掛毯店。只有適合所有年齡段的插圖。
如果您想購買成人插畫的掛毯,請使用 TENSO com 從 Melonbooks 或 BOOTH 購買。


TENSO com→

Before buying/購買前

If I think you bought our product without reading these sentences and you have a problem with it, we can’t fix it.
Please contact us before purchasing if you have any questions.
It may not be compatible after purchase.

If you have any problems with these shopping, please contact the shop owner, not the artists of the illustrations.
Illustrators are only providing the illustrations. They are not involved in manufacturing or sales. Contacting them does not solve any problems.

And if your questions and concerns are not resolved, please purchase the item from the Japanese website through a forwarding agent. That’s the surest and safest way.


插圖畫家僅提供插圖。 他們不參與製造或銷售。 聯繫他們並不能解決任何問題。

如果您的問題和疑慮沒有得到解決,請通過貨運代理從日本網站購買商品。 這是最可靠、最安全的方法。

About the illustrations/關於插圖

All the illustrations used in the tapestries we sell are with the author’s permission.
If there is a request from the author, the sale will be stopped immediately.
We never sell illegal pirated products.
The author’s information can be found on Twitter or pixiv from the name listed on the product page.

The author list of the illustrators I sell is listed on the top page.

作者的信息可以從產品頁面上列出的名稱在 Twitter 或 pixiv 上找到。


About Products/關於產品

Size: about B2 (long side: 72cm, short side: 51-53 cm)
Fabric: peach skin
Country of origin: China

*Depending on the aspect ratio of the illustration, the cutting line may differ from the sample image. Also, margins may occur on the top, bottom, left, and right.

Size: long side 160cm, short side 50cm)
Fabric: 2way tricot
Country of origin: China

面料: 桃皮

尺寸:長邊 160cm,短邊 50cm)
面料: 2way tricot

根據插圖的縱橫比,切割線可能與示例圖像不同。 此外,邊距可能出現在頂部、底部、左側和右側。

Shipping method and time/運送方式及時間

book: EMS (sipping from Japan)
tapestry: with tracking number (shipping from China)

*We will inform you of the tracking number of the parcel once the item has been shipped from the factory.
*The tapestries sold in this shop are made to order. After the payment is completed, we will request the factory to manufacture it.
*The product will be shipped within one week after payment. However, if the factory is busy or closed, it will take longer. Specifically, before Comiket is held in Japan (mid-August, the end of the year), and during the long holidays of China (late January to early February, late September to early October).


*本店出售的掛毯都是定做的。 付款完成後,我們會要求工廠生產。
*產品將在付款後一星期內發貨。 但是,如果工廠繁忙或關閉,則需要更長的時間。 具體來說,在日本Comiket舉辦之前(8月中旬,年底),以及中國長假期間(1月下旬至2月初,9月下旬至10月初)。

Delivery period/納期

Due to the global epidemic of infectious diseases, the number of air flights has decreased, causing major delays in cargo transportation. Even if you use EMS, you can expect longer delivery times than usual.

由於全球傳染病流行,航空航班減少,導致貨物運輸出現重大延誤。即使您使用 EMS,您也可能需要比平時更長的交貨時間。

Shipping address/收件地址

We will ship the item to the “Ship To” address, not the PayPal payer.
Please confirm the shipping address before payment. There is nothing we can do if it is shipped to a location you don’t want.

我們會將物品運送到“運送至”地址,而不是 PayPal 付款人。
請在付款前確認送貨地址。 如果它被運送到您不想要的位置,我們將無能為力。

Shipping fee and number of items that can be ordered at one time/運費和一次可以訂購的商品數量

You can purchase up to 3 items in one order.
You can purchase up to 3 items with a fixed shipping fee.
It is set so that you cannot purchase more than 4 pieces. This is a shipping issue.

Books, tapestries, body pillow covers, etc. cannot be shipped together.
A separate shipping fee will be charged for each shipment.
Especially tapestry and body pillow covers are shipped from China, but books are shipped from Japan.
Please note that the tapestry and body pillow cover cannot be shipped together due to weight and shopping settings. There is also a limit to the detailed shipping settings of the shop.

If you would like to purchase many items at once, please do not purchase from this shop page and request a quote from the shop owner via email or DM on Twitter.

If you live in mainland China, please send an email or DM on Twitter with your address to inquire about the shipping fee for the tapestry or body pillow cover you want.

For those who live in mainland China.
Please contact us by email or DM on Twitter with your address for the shipping fee of the desired tapestry or body pillow cover.
If you want to purchase only the book, please purchase from this site. It will be shipped from Japan by EMS.
Alternatively, we will manufacture Japanese made wall scrolls specially for shipping to Mainland China. After ordering, please send us an email if you would like a Japanese made wall scrolls.

您可以在一個訂單中購買最多 3 件商品。
您最多可以購買 3 件商品並支付固定運費。
規定不能購買超過 4 件。 這是運輸問題。

請注意,由於重量和購物設置,掛毯和抱枕套不能一起發貨。 店舖的詳細發貨設置也有限制。

如果您想一次購買多件商品,請不要從此商店頁面購買,並通過電子郵件或 Twitter 上的 DM 向店主索取報價。

請通過電子郵件或 Twitter 上的 DM 與我們聯繫,並提供您的地址,以了解所需掛毯或抱枕套的運費。
如果您只想購買本書,請從本網站購買。 它將通過 EMS 從日本發貨。
另外,我們將生產日本製造的掛軸,專門用於運送到中國大陸。 訂購後,如果您想要日本製造的掛軸,請給我們發送電子郵件。

Customs and import laws/海關和進口法

Shipping from China. Import duties, taxes, and charges aren’t included in the item price and shipping cost. These charges are the responsibility of buyers.
Please ask to your country’s customs office, if you want to know these costs before you buying.
We do not mark merchandise values below value or mark items as “gifts” – US and International government regulations prohibit such behavior.
And please check your country’s import laws before purchasing. We are not responsible for any problems with customs clearance.

並且請在購買前檢查您所在國家/地區的進口法律。 我們不對任何清關問題負責。

Payment method/付款方式

Paypal only.

If you want to pay with wechatpay or alipay, please contact me without purchasing from this site.


Cancellation and return/關於取消和退貨

We do not accept any returns or product changes due to customer convenience.
Please understand that this is an international mail order and cannot be returned.
We will manufacture the goods as soon as possible after payment. Cancellation after payment is not possible.
If you have any problems with the product, please contact us immediately after receiving the product. We can not accept it if time has passed after the arrival of the product.

我們將在付款後儘快製造貨物。 付款後不可取消。
如果您對產品有任何問題,請在收到產品後立即與我們聯繫。 如果產品到達後時間已經過去,我們將無法接受。